Cyber Security and Compliances

Defend, Protect, Comply: Fortify Your Business with our Robust Cybersecurity Solutions for Threat prevention and detection.

Cyber Security and Compliances

Our Key offerings for Cybersecurity and Compliance Services

Harnessing the power of ISMS, ISO 27001, SOC 2, CIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR controls, we deliver comprehensive cyber security and compliance solutions.

At vGics, we take a holistic approach to cyber security and compliance, leveraging industry-leading frameworks and standards to protect your valuable assets.

From risk assessments and vulnerability management to security incident response and security awareness training, we implement a multi-layered defense strategy to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance.

Partner with us to fortify your organization, safeguard valuable assets, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Experience peace of mind as we navigate the complex cyber landscape together, enabling your business to thrive securely.

Together, we will build a robust defense posture that safeguards your critical assets, upholds customer trust, and enables your business to thrive in the digital age


  • 24/7 Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Data Protection and Encryption
  • Access Management and Identity Protection
  • Training and Awareness
  • Incident Response and Recovery
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